Explorers in Dance? Yes, That's Us!

Explorers in Dance? Yes, That's Us!
Kathy Kampa-Vilina

Gr. 4 students explore lines and shapes from Kandinsky's paintings.

How can we make new discoveries in dance? How can we create something new? Why do we need to explore in dance? How have great choreographers explored new ideas in dance and created new traditions? These are some of the challenging questions Grade Four students are exploring in Dance.

One of the role models we are studying is Martha Graham. Graham developed technique work and choreography which broke away from previous dance traditions. An important part of Graham's work is using the torso. Students are practicing this through video links in Google Classroom.

Students explored concepts of line and shape in dance. In groups of two or three, they analyzed Kandinsky's paintings, expressing the lines and shapes in dance. To expand their choreography, students used the concepts of expansion (making a movement bigger) and diminution (making a movement smaller). 

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