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The Latest from Grade 4

The Latest from our Single Subject Teachers

Students are in charge!

Reading now will get you votes in you can have say in the best Sakura Book. 

More From Grade 4

Grade 4B are preparing for their upcoming summative live museum exhibit. They used the app "Chatterpix" to show in 30 seconds what they know about their explorer. 

The Latest From Other Classes

HWEO:  Getting Ready for a Show

During the last few weeks, we have investigated how various performances such as drama, puppet shows, and dances use different features to communicate ideas, themes, or messages. 

Now, groups are working hard to plan and organize for their upcoming performance on Monday, 3rd June.

Readers' Theatre

Students adapted a scene from their fantasy novels to present in a readers' theatre.

Poetry Slam, Sports Day, St. Raphael's Day

Grade 2 students had a busy week with Sports Day, a Poetry Slam and St. Raphaela's Day. Have a look at the blog to see what activities the girls engaged in over the week.

Field Trip to Minka-en

Here is a short slideshow on our trip to Minka-en - an open air Japanese folk house museum.

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