Using ICT to promote Collaboration and Inquiry

Using ICT to promote Collaboration and Inquiry
Mathew Brigham

Collaborating in 3A

Our third graders have grown in independence and have stronger ICT skills than last year. That opens up new possibilities of collaboration and inquiring.

This week as part of our line of inquiry about how choices affect our mind and body, students learned about how our digestive system works.

Ms Aiko created a worksheet for students to record their understanding and shared it with the other third grade teachers. Thanks Ms Aiko, through collaboration we as teachers are growing as inquirers too!

I modified the learning intention and the success criteria into questions to try to push students to inquire to find the answers and reflect on what they already know.

The students recorded their answers in a google doc which was posted to them via google classroom. Students watched a video about the Digestive System ( You can watch this if you put our school login details into it.

The students had 1 computer screen for the video and one computer screen to record their answers. This forced them to collaborate by watching and thinking together and formulating their answers together and reflecting on their prior knowledge too.

You can see the students in action in the slideshow below and you will see their finding in Seesaw very soon!


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