Getting Started: 2019-2020!

Getting Started: 2019-2020!
Jonathan Peto

Building community and establishing expectations for how we we learn this year.

Third Graders have spent the last few weeks building community and tuning into the big ideas of the Primary Years Program and of various curriculum areas such as math, reading, and writing.

The Learner Profile is a guide to expectations for how students work together, learn, and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. The attributes of the learner profile, as well as other elements of the Primary Years Program, will remain central to learning activities throughout the year.

We also began the first unit of inquiry, which is under the theme Who We Are, and is titled Healthy Choices. Unit provocations included sorting true/false statements such as "All scientists agree on how much food keeps us healthy", justifying their thinking, and using the statements to generate questions.

Provocations also included or will include reflecting on balance. Furthermore, Ms. Smyth, Seisen's PYP coordinator, has led learning activities in all three classes, as has Mr. G., Seisen's elementary ICT teacher.

Third Grade classroom teachers - Ms. Aiko, Mr. Brigham, and Mr. Peto - are looking forward to an enjoyable and productive year with the third graders, parents and guardians, and the entire Seisen staff.


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