Explore Our Neighborhood This Weekend

Tokyo Metropolitan Engei High School in an agricultural high school that sits on the grounds of what used to be Totoro Castle. You can visit this weekend.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Final Post 2017-18

Final Post 2017-18
Jonathan Peto

We hope the year ended with a bang!

We hope the year ended with a bang!

The last few weeks of school have been busy but exciting. Students did an amazing job with the final, exciting units of inquiry: Inventors & Inventions, Forces & Motion, Performing Arts and Plants.

This semester, students also focused on two nonfiction writing units as well as a narrative unit about fairy tales.

Although today is the last full day of school, we are still mathematicians and are still working out our ideas about parts and wholes:

Have a great summer, third graders! Summer is for fun. Learning is fun, so remember to do some learning too! 


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