Grade 2 - Who we are: SOLO and Vocabulary List

Grade 2 - Who we are: SOLO and Vocabulary List
Serrin Smyth

This post provides a summary of the current unit of inquiry and the possible assessment criteria for this unit. 

Link to the Elementary Programme of Inquiry

Grade 2 have started their Who we are unit of inquiry and are exploring the central idea Self awareness informs our learning and development. This involves investigating and exploring the students personal characteristics, abilities and interests, developing an awareness of themselves in social situations and using self awareness to set goals.

The SOLO Taxonomy is designed to take students on a journey from first developing surface level knowledge-based learning outcomes and progress to connecting and extending their knowledge in order to take action. This enables students to 'go deeper' and process their knowledge to develop conceptual understanding.  This is scaffolded and guided using an inquiry process illustrated in the image, below. 

Below you will see the possible assessment criteria developed through the SOLO Taxonomy for this unit of inquiry. It is important to note that in alignment with the Enhanced PYP, students may develop the SOLO taxonomy by co-constructing this with their teachers. This is to provide students with agency - choice, voice and ownership throughout the process of their learning. Therefore the SOLO co-constructed by students may look slightly different this one. This learning progression and vocabulary list is developed so you can support your daughter's learning at home.

If you have any experience or expertise with the content of this units of inquiry, we would love to hear from you! Please contact our PYP Coordinator ( or your daughter's homeroom teacher. 

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