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Looking into the Past: Ancient Egypt with an Expert!

Looking into the Past: Ancient Egypt with an Expert!
Katelyn Boyle

This week we had a very special visitor to Seisen, Ms. Shoko Muraji, a processor of ancient Engypian history and hieroglyphics. She was able to share her knowledge with Grade 5 and Grade 1 in relation to our Where We Are in Place and Time units. 

To begin with, Ms. Muraji introduced Grade 1 to the clothes people in ancient Egypt used to wear and explained the significance of animal imagery; in particular, she pointed out the pharaoh's headpiece would feature a snake, because snakes were considered powerful. The girls were excited to look at the replicated pieces up close, touch them, and try them on!

Ms. Muraji also explained to them the religion of the time, and about different gods and goddesses. She used dolls and visuals of ancient paintings and sculptures to narrate a scene from the imagined afterlife. She also explained a little about one of the most well-known pieces of Egyptian history-- the mummies!


As we've also been talking about celebrations in Grade 1, Ms. Muraji shared about ancient Egyptian festivals and food. Did you know they also had portable shrines like the Japanese omikoshi?

After we had our lesson, the students were able to take a look at hieroglyphics and figure out how to write their names. It proved to be a fun challenge! Some girls couldn't believe the symbols they had to use, from waves to full animal bodies. They also enjoyed a coloring sheet featuring some of the historical and religious figures they learned about. 



Thank you so much to Ms. Muraji for visiting us and sharing her knowledge! We'd love to learn more about cultures from outside (or from within!) our classes, so parents, email your homeroom teachers! We're waiting for your expertise too. 


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