Grade One: We We Are in Place and Time Pre-Assessment Task

Grade One: We We Are in Place and Time Pre-Assessment Task
Matthew Eisenhauer

Grade one sorts out time: before they were born, in my lifetime, and both.

This week grade ones began tuning into our new unit of inquiry: Where We Are in Place and Time. 

Central Idea:

Learning about previous generations can help us understand the relationship between past and present

Lines of Inquiry:

1   Ways to find out about the past

2   The passing of time and significant events

3   Why some practices have changed over time


To assess what students already know, in groups they sorted the pictures the below into three categories: before I was born, in my lifetime, and both.


By completing this task, students began to understand the concept of “past”.

Below two students discussed one of the pictures, deciding together which category to put it in. It's interesting to listen into their conversations to hear the perspectives of six and seven year olds. Many of the girls have never seen VHS tapes, cassette tapes, or even TVs that aren't flat screen! :-) 


The next step is to try to attach dates to the events and decide which are more significant or important and discuss what makes an event important.


Next week grade one looks forward to our next field trip to the Toy Museum to explore toys of the past!

Do you have any old Japanese toys at home? 

Do you ever tell your daughter stories about what life was like before she was born?

Do you have an interesting family history?

Would you like to come speak to grade ones about your life growing up in your country? Please let us know! 




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In other news, 1A, 1B, and 1C are the proud owners of Japanese rhinoceros beetles!