Grade 1 visit Zoorasia for Sharing the planet unit of inquiry

Grade 1 visit Zoorasia for Sharing the planet unit of inquiry
Serrin Smyth

On Thursday 31st October, students in Grade 1 visited Zoorasia. 

Students have been inquiring into the central idea: 'Living things adapt to their habitats to survive'. They have been learning about different habitats and the animals that live in those habitats. 

At Zoorasia, students were split into small groups and with a chaperone explored a particular habitat. These included oceanian grassland, central asian highland, Japanese countryside, Amazon jungle, African tropical rain forest and many more. 

Students were encouraged to answer these questions to deepen their understanding:

Where in the world can you find this habitat?

What does the habitat look like?

What animals live in the habitat?

What special features do this animal have and why do you think they have it?

What other interesting facts did you learn?

What questions are you wondering about?

Students documented their understandings by drawing, labeling, recording and discussing. 


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In other news, 1A, 1B, and 1C are the proud owners of Japanese rhinoceros beetles!