Freeze & Read!

Freeze & Read!
Erika Geer Egawa

This week, Grade 1 participated in Freeze & Read. An announcement was made at some point during the day, and everyone at Seisen, both students and staff alike, had to stop what they were doing and read for 15 minutes. 

We didn't know when it would happen, so we had to carry our books with us wherever we went. There were even a few times when we were in the middle of a lesson and we had to pause what we were doing and read.

Some students brought their own books from home, some borrowed from the ES Library, and some read from our class library. 

Freeze and Read happened at an opportune time as we have transitioned into our new reading unit, which is all about students taking ownership of their learning and being the boss of their reading.

It was wonderful to see students excited about a school-wide event, to witness them building reading stamina, and to hear kids buzzing about their books.

By the end of the last Freeze & Read, many students just couldn't put down their book. Several students even lamented, "I wish every week was Freeze and Read!" 

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