Family Histories Launch - Beginning of next Semester

Family Histories Launch - Beginning of next Semester
Serrin Smyth

Grade 1 will soon launch their new unit of inquiry and we are looking for parent volunteers to support the students in their learning. 

Where we are in place and time - Family Histories

Grade 1 will begin their unit of inquiry Where we are in place and time - Family histories at the beginning of next Semester. They will be exploring the central idea Family history provides insight into one's own personal identityThis involves investigating and exploring ways to find out about the past, the passing of time and significant events and what practices have changed over time. 


We would welcome the opportunity for parents/guardians/grandparents/family members to come into the classroom and share their family history stories with the Grade 1 classes.

Please contact Ms Erika - and Ms Katelyn - if you are able to come in and share with the class. 

We suggest bringing in photos or any special family heirlooms or artifacts that may assist with sharing your family history with the students. 

SOLO/Vocabulary Lists for the unit of inquiry:

Below you will find links to the updated SOLO Taxonomy and Vocabulary Lists for Grades 1. It is important to note that in alignment with the Enhanced PYP, students may develop the SOLO taxonomy by co-constructing this with their teachers. This is to provide students with agency - choice, voice and ownership throughout the process of their learning. Therefore the SOLO co-constructed by students may look slightly different this one. This learning progression and vocabulary list is developed so you can support your daughter's learning at home. These can also be found as a hard copy near the Cafeteria Display. Please feel free to come and take one. 

How can I use the SOLO at home?

You will now see a row underneath the possible assessment criteria titled 'Possible questions to discuss'. These are teacher guided questions that help to direct the unit of inquiry. You may wish to use these questions to begin a conversation with your chid about their unit of inquiry at home. Equally, you may wish to develop some questions with your child that they could bring to school and share with their class to assist with their inquiries. 

How can I use the Vocabulary Lists at home?

The Vocabulary Lists are a guide for the possible vocabulary that may be explored throughout the unit of inquiry. It is encouraged that you explain and explore the words within this list with your child in their mother tongue. Perhaps you may talk about the concept of some of the words in English and also in your home language in order to deepen their understanding of them. 

LINK to SOLO for Unit of Inquiry

LINK to the vocabulary for the Unit of Inquiry

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