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Building Relationships in Grade 1

Building Relationships in Grade 1
Erika Geer Egawa

Who are we connected to? How can we build good relationships?

To kick off the new school year and their first Unit of Inquiry into Who We Are, the Grade 1 students have been exploring how the relationships people have in their home, school, and community can impact their well-being.

We first pre-assessed what we know about relationships. Students used photos they brought from home to help them think about all the important people in their life. They drew a mindmap and labeled those groups. Some also added symbols representing what roles each person has in their life. 

As a build-up to Parents' Day, we also looked at various statements and thought about what those mean to us. Ms. Erika wrote some of the comments students made as they were moving about the room and placing their sticker votes beside the statements they felt the most connected to.

At Parents' Day, we will post our statements around the room and see what responses we can get from the parents! We hope that parents will also collaborate with us and offer their insight into what they think about their various relationships.


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