A Trip To The Music Room

A Trip To The Music Room
Kathy Kampa-Vilina

Grade One students explore "vibrations" of various instruments in the Music Room.

Grade One students took a trip to the Music Room to experience vibrations.

What are vibrations? Watch this video with your daughter to learn more. Talk about vibrations in your home language.   https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/phy03.sci.phys.howmove.collage/understanding-vibration-and-pitch/?#.WsTCYFCRWhA

Can you write the word "vibration" in your home language, and send it to school with your daughter?

Our Music Room is home to many fabulous instruments! Grade One students experienced how vibrations are made. They had an opportunity to explore six different instruments, including the timpani, gong, bass drum, snare drum, temple blocks, and chimes. Students gently touched each instrument to feel the vibrations. You can see how the students took time to explore each of these instruments.

These are chimes. Students created a sound by tapping the barres with the hammer. The barres vibrated for quite a long time after the barres were played. Why did they vibrate for so long?


When students played the bass drum, they could feel the vibrations even when they weren't touching  the drum. When they gently touched the drum, it was easy to feel the vibrations. They could even stop the vibrations.


This is a timpani. Students placed their hands gently on the head of the drum to feel the vibrations.

This is a gong. Students could feel the air moving behind the gong. They could even see the gong vibrating. The sound continued for a long time.

These are temple blocks. Temple blocks make a short, crisp sound. Students couldn't feel the vibrations, but they could hear a sound. I wonder why this instrument makes such a short sound.


This is a snare drum. It was fun for students to feel the air moving beneath the snare drum. They used drum sticks to make a sound.

Perhaps you can image how much sound was generated by these students . . . . have a listen!





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