Most of us were raised to be polite and respectful, and saying “thank you” is an essential piece of good manners.  But for how many of us has saying “thank you” become a reflex, something we mindlessly utter to the shop clerk or bus driver?  How many of us actually spend any amount of time really reflecting on our gratitude?


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New Units of Inquiry with a Science Focus

Read about the upcoming units of inquiry which all have a scientific inquiry focus.  This post contains links to the unit learning outcomes to help you support your daughter. 

PYP Coffee Morning - Assessment in the ES

An overview of some of the qualitative and quantitative assessments used in the elementary school to determine students' levels of achievement and to identify next steps in learning. 

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Let's Go To the Amazon Rainforest

Grade One students are exploring movements of animals in the rainforest. They are working on making interesting fantastic shapes and discovering ways to express themselves.

The Latest from Subject Classes

Tell me a story ...

Telling and listening to stories also allows us to learn about perspective, humour, connection and risk taking.

Do Not Copy

The importance of correctly citing sources .

Learning English is Fun!

Currently the second graders are practicing sight words or snap words in class and at home using various resources.  EAL students have multiple sets of leveled sight words or snap words cards to play either independently or with someone for additional practice.  To name a few, they could play Memory, Go Fish, Snap, Who Has It and Speed.  Please encourage them and take the time to play these games.  Enjoy!

Celebrations Around the World!

I understand that the art of folding paper, Origami, is a  Japanese tradition that is important in many celebrations.  Maybe you could show us some examples.

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