Elementary (Grades 1-5)

Our Primary Years Programme (PYP) is designed to provide a holistic education addressing students’ social, emotional and physical well-being as well as their academic growth and development.

Our transdisciplinary programme of inquiry allows students to explore issues of personal, local, national and global interest. This serves as a foundation to support the development of international-mindedness and global citizenship.

Learning in the Elementary

Students are encouraged to experience the joy of learning, to develop independence and to take responsibility for their learning. Students are actively involved in learning how to learn.

Students with graduation mural

We offer a stimulating and academically challenging learning environment with collaborative, conceptually-based inquiry as our core pedagogical approach to learning and teaching. We focus on fostering strong learning communities, supported by warm and caring student-teacher relationships, where risk-taking is encouraged and celebrated. Students are encouraged to act on their learning so they might positively impact their own lives and the lives of others.

Benefits of the IB Primary Years Programme in the Elementary

Strong emphasis on learning how to learn; communication, self-management, social, thinking and research skills

Nurtures independent and collaborative learners

Engaging, significant, challenging and relevant curriculum framework

A focus on the Learner Profile facilitates students' growing understanding of self, openness to others and builds international-mindedness.

Supports the development of conceptual understanding, helping children grow to understand the word around them

Nurtures independent and collaborative learners

Student voice, choice and ownership of learning encouraged

Engaging, significant, challenging and relevant curriculum framework.

Teacher sits with students

Single Subject Integration

  • ICT Curriculum; focus on integration, skills building and safe digital citizenship
  • Seesaw App & Google Classroom
  •  1:1 devices (Chromebooks & iPads) to support and extend learning
  •  Photos/videos of student work
students in show

Highlights from the Elementary

  • Specialist subjects: Art, Music, Dance, PE, ICT integration, Library integration, second languages (Japanese & Spanish), Religious Studies, counsellor-led lessons 
  • Seisen After School Activities Programme (SASA)
  • Seisen After School Elementary Sports Programme
  • Supervised Home Learning Club and Afternoon Recess Hour
  • Provision of English as an Additional Language Support (EAL)
  • Learning Support for those who may benefit from it
  • Second language learning - Japanese & Spanish
  • Grade level assemblies; developing a shared understanding of our learning community
  • Grade 5 Leadership Initiative

Learn More from the Elementary Principal and PYP Coordinator

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The Personal Project inspires the Grade 4 & Grade 5 students as they work on their own presentations and learn from the passion, interests, communication and self-management skills of the Grade 10s.

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