Seisen Singers Shine at KPASS Competition
  • High School

Our singers at Seisen had a fantastic weekend at the Kanto Plains Association of Secondary Schools (KPASS) Vocal Solo and Ensemble Competition.

  • fine arts


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Enhancing Global Perspectives

The Social Studies Department teaches students to become critical thinkers and learners through an inquiry-based approach to Social Studies. The department offers a broad and challenging program that aims to sharpen students’ thinking and decision-making capabilities while enhancing their global perspective.

  1. To develop skills for analytical reading, critical thinking and interdisciplinary understanding.
    1. Evaluate and place primary and secondary sources in context.
    2. Identify different historical arguments.
    3. Connect economic concepts to the real world.
    4. Supporting claims with theories, experiments & studies.
  1. To develop the ability to use and conduct primary and secondary research.
  1. To develop dispositions of international mindedness.
  1. To maintain and continue to improve a structure that fosters department-wide communication as well as collaboration in the following areas: Grade level content and skills.