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Big Science Day

Big Science Day 2018

Welcome to Big Science Day at Seisen International School

The Big Science Day is an annual event where students from Grades 8, 10 and 11 proudly display their unique science projects to fellow students and professional judges, showing their wonder and appreciation for the world around us through their imaginative scientific processes in which they produce their final product. Those with the most outstanding projects will be presented with an award in which they can choose what educational material they want to use their award for. Come and vote for your favorite science fair projects from our students!

Also, don't forget to check out our video from last year's event below and browse the tabs on the left to visit galleries from previous events and the winners in the past.



Past Years

Special Guest

We are proud to have the 2015 Physics Nobel Prize winner Takaaki Kajita as our guest speaker.
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Firebird Soars

Our three international school science teams - Firebird Mei, Firebird Umi and Firebird Sora - have now reached the semifinals of Conrad Innovation Challenge! Click here to find out more.

Grade 8 Combined Science

Our Middle School students in Grades 7 and 8 take a combined science approach to their learning. The Big Science Day project is an opportunity for them to explore a unique project in a field of their choice; individually or with a partner .

Grade 10 IGCSE Science

Grade 10 students are finishing off the second year of their IGCSE Coordinated Science Course and also participate in Big Science Day with a culminating project of their choice. The project is an excellent opportunity for students to practice their scientific thinking skills and further prepare them for the IB Diploma.

Grade 11 IB Diploma Programme

Students in Grade 11 participate in Big Science Day through their IB Group 4 Science Project, a collaborative project that provides students an opportunity to embark on an investigation across the different IB Science disciplines (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Systems and Societies).

2017 Winners

Grade 8

The Intelligent Human Being - Sushma Miryala

No More Intruders - Hinako Hoshino and Mifuyu Hori

The Greener Alternative - Debangi Mohanta and Sofyani Tatipamula

Honorable Mention

Don't Be Like Dory! - Jooeun Ahn and Rion Tanaka

Innovation Prize

The Greener Alternative - Debangi Mohanta and Sofyani Tatipamula

Viewers Choice

Smells, Go Far Away! - Kate Nariishi and Seohyeon Park

Grade 10


Apple Allelopathy - Mahak Bhandari and Yurika Hirata

Your Phones are where Germs go Party - Sahana Natarajan and Sara Motoyama

Energy Harvesting - Karyn Nakamura

Honorable Mention
Plant→Ethanol(Biomass) - Minkyung Jeong and Maino Yonese

Innovation Prize
Fundamental Food for Future Food - Nene Hamada and Yoon Ju Kim

Viewers Choice
1,2,3,4,5...Are you sure you want to eat that?! - Ji-Yoon Lee and Yoonbin Bae

Grade 11

It's All About Algae - Hannah, Sahan, Serina, Youkie

The Electric Cell - Solana, Minkyoung, Aashi

Fantastic, Bioplastic! - Angela, Anna, Akiko

Honorable Mention
Green Water Cleaning - Lina, Shima, Krithika

Innovation Prize

The Plastic Tree - Yejie, Khit Nyan, Mai, Marlene

Viewers Choice
Absorb, Absorb, Absorb! - Alisha and Amanda



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