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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Appreciating the diversity, complexity and usefulness of mathematics

The mathematics offered at Seisen is a challenging and streamlined program. The experienced and diverse staff aim to provide a supportive and engaging classroom environment to help students build a solid foundation in mathematics, gain a good understanding of mathematics and appreciate the diversity, complexity and usefulness of mathematics in solving a wide variety of problems. Assessment incorporates investigations and exploratory work.

“Single – sex schools promote greater enjoyment, more positive attitudes and better achievement in subjects that are gender inappropriate, like mathematics” ( Lee & Bryk,1986; Lawrie & Brown, 1992; Kumagi, 1995, cited in Van de Gaer, Pustjens, Van Damme and De Munter, 2004, p. 13).

“It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems for longer” Albert Einstein

“Women from all-girls’ high schools do major in fields with fewer women compared to women from coed high schools. (Thompson, J.S, 2003, p. 267)

“ The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” Paul Halmos

Middle School

An integrated program covering mathematics from a wide variety of topics including number, algebra, geometry, shape and probability. Through a variety of activities students consolidate and build on their knowledge and skills from elementary school. Classes are grouped by ability, allowing for more individualised programming and instruction. Seisen has a license for, a website that students can access for both lessons and online practice.

Grades 9 & 10

Seisen follows the IGCSE 0607 curriculum. Students are placed in either the Core program or the Extended program. Both courses allow students to sit the external Cambridge exam at the conclusion of the two years. The Cambridge curriculum is a diverse curriculum and helps prepare students for the IB program in grades 11 and 12. Emphasis is placed on a using a graphing calculator appropriately.

Grades 11 & 12

Students opt for either Higher Level, Standard Level or Mathematical Studies, with a teacher recommendation. All of these IB programs have an internal investigation component and final exams. Seisen students have exceeded the world averages in all courses over the last several years.

In addition, students at Seisen participate in the United Kingdom Mathematics Challenge and a group of students attend the Kanto Plains Math Field day in April. Preparation for the Kanto Plains starts in February. Middle school students also have the option of a math club during their activity periods.

Results from Senior UKMT

(intended for grades 11 and 12 students), October 2016

Next Round Qualifiers: Minkyoung Choi (11), Kristine Doble (11), Yejie Lee (11)

Gold certificates: Nidhi Jaju (12), Dong Eun Kim (12), Minkyoung Choi (11), Kristine Doble (11), Yejie Lee (11), Gina Kim (10).

Silver Certificates: Eunyoung Kim (12), Airi Tanai (12), Kyoko Sakurai (12), Jingyung Jung (12), Miri Yasuda (12, Eunseo Sung (11), Momoko Katayama (11), Youkie Shiozawa (11), Aika Saito (10), Yoonbin Bae (10) Arisa Sakana (10).

Bronze Certificates: Jahnvi Jhaveri (12), Amelie Steck (11), Mai Morita (11), Luka Honobe (11), Swati Agarwal (10), Yoonju Kim (10), Sanidhya Jagdish (10)

Minkyoung(11), ), Yejie (11), Kristine (11)

Intermediate UKMT Results

(Intended for grades 9 & 10 students)

Next Round Qualifiers: Gina Kim (10), Qiao Wang (10), Karyn Nakamura (10 ), Aika Saito (10), Yoonbin Bae (10), Sara Motoyama (10), Fiona Pool (9), Lani Ogawa (9), Jihye Jung (9), Youngjee Son (9), (Chloe) Lee (8 ), Debangi Mohanta (8 ), Mifuyu Hori (8 ), Jiaye Xu (8 ) Next Round on March 16th

Gold Certificates: Youn you Cho (9), Ruruka Tsukasa (9), Sunwoo Kim (9), Jungwoo

Silver Certificates: Seiju Shi (10), Sanidhya Jagdish (10), Yoonju Kim (10), Mahak Bhandari (10), Nene Hamada (10), Rong Mu (9), Mimiko Koshi (9), Dara Nitu (9), Zoe Thompson (9), Kate Nariishi (8), Mone Ishimaru (8), Isa Matsubayashi (8), Karen Hiramitsu (8), Mai Toyoda (8), Mei Arimoto (8)

Bronze Certificates: Mio Sorensen (10),Liyoon Llee (10), Irene Kneller (10), Yurika Hirati (10), Swati Agarwal (10), Nimisha Anand (9), Lauren Woody (9), Ledi Jiang (9), Emi Sun (9), Julia Nicholson (9), Friederika Steck (8), Sushma Miryala (8), Younjee Cho (8)