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Tickets on sale now for the 2019 St. Mary's and Seisen Fall Play. 

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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn



SIS expects each student and teacher to embody these characteristics.

Seisen Profile in Action


Seisen International School is a Catholic school that encourages both faculty and students to develop their own beliefs, while reverencing the spiritual treasures of other faiths and entering into dialogue with them. For SIS, God comes first - his loving presence and action pervades the school and calls each one to live as value based, ethical men and women.


Our students and teachers form a seamless, closely knit community who work, play and pray together. They communicate confidently and creatively, sharing and contributing as they absorb new experiences and knowledge. At Seisen International School, we believe that with proper encouragement and guidance, each student can be and do whatever it is that they want.


All Seiseners are caring, compassionate people, inspired by our driving spirit — "Love in Action". They are committed to service and social justice, and to making a positive difference in the lives of others and in the environment.


Our students and teachers will all become global citizens and leaders, motivated and equipped to live in a fast — changing world, and committed to making a difference just as St. Raphaela did in her day.

SIS is an interactive member of a global network of Handmaid schools. Our students and teachers represent many cultures, and are all open to and respectful of the perspectives, values and beliefs of others. They are eager to expand their awareness and understanding of the world and the international dimensions of every situation and subject.



Our students and teachers are passionate, conscious and active participants in their personal life - long learning path. They are encouraged to be imaginative and creative, to see the potential in emerging concepts and realities, and to uncover and consider the implications for themselves, for society and for the environment.


Our students and teachers have a keen sense of respect for themselves and for others, and they take responsibility for the consequences of their own words and actions. They act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, and with respect for the dignity of the individual, and the groups and communities with whom they engage.


Our students and teachers have the courage to navigate new possibilities, skills and resources in a dynamic, ongoing learning experience. In the Spirit of St. Raphaela, our students and teachers have a vision of where they want to go as they move into the future together. Well — educated young women and men are the key architects of a different future. They challenge the conventional social and cultural patterns of their time and empower future leaders.


Our students and teachers seek out and explore concepts, ideas and issues that have personal, local and global significance. They apply thinking skills critically and creatively to approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions. In so doing, they acquire in-depth knowledge and develop understanding across a broad and balanced range of disciplines.


All students and teachers are expected to embody the guiding principles and values of SIS. Each teacher is a leader - a role model for other teachers and for all students. In the same way, each student is a leader and role model for all students and teachers at Seisen International School.

This is particularly true for senior students, whose values, beliefs and actions can have a significant impact on the values, beliefs and actions of younger students at all levels in the school. And as leaders, they understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well — being for themselves and others.