Fall Play Tickets on Sale Now

Tickets on sale now for the 2019 St. Mary's and Seisen Fall Play. 

See any of the cast and crew or the Main Office for tickets.

Girls’ School Graduates Have a Clear Edge Over Coeducated Peers

Reflecting on the totality of the findings, the researchers noted, “these statistically significant results demonstrate differences in areas of critical importance in the twenty-first century for women as they enter university and beyond, thus emphasizing the contribution of all-girls schooling for women’s success.”


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn


Seisen Bingo 2019
Saturday, April 6th

Pre-sale Bingo tickets are ¥1,000 each.
Tickets are ¥1,200 each on Bingo day.
Ticket price includes admission fee and one bingo board. Sorry, no refunds.


Below are some of the prizes we gave away last year. 

Most prizes are donations from members of the Seisen community. Please contact us if you would like to support this important fundraising event.

SPA Bingo team
SPA Donations team

Check out Some of Last Year's Prizes

Here is what we gave away last year


DJI Mavic Air

Nintendo Switch

Club Med - Bali

Apple Watch Series 3

Tokyo Disney Resort