Most of us were raised to be polite and respectful, and saying “thank you” is an essential piece of good manners.  But for how many of us has saying “thank you” become a reflex, something we mindlessly utter to the shop clerk or bus driver?  How many of us actually spend any amount of time really reflecting on our gratitude?


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn


Seisen BINGO 2018

Pre-sale Bingo tickets are ¥1,000 each.
Tickets are ¥1,200 each on Bingo day.
Ticket price includes admission fee and one bingo board. Sorry, no refunds.

Here is a SNEAK PEEK for the amazing prizes this year and the MENU LIST for food and drinks which will be served in the cafeteria. See you all on Saturday!!!

SPA Bingo team
SPA Donations team

A Sneak Peak at some Prizes

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DJI Mavic Air

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Nintendo Switch

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Club Med - Bali

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Apple Watch Series 3

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Tokyo Disney Resort

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