Most of us were raised to be polite and respectful, and saying “thank you” is an essential piece of good manners.  But for how many of us has saying “thank you” become a reflex, something we mindlessly utter to the shop clerk or bus driver?  How many of us actually spend any amount of time really reflecting on our gratitude?


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Parents' Association (SPA)

Seisen Parents Association - Seisen International School

The Seisen Parents´ Association (SPA) is composed of all of the parents and guardians of the Seisen student body.

The SPA is led by a very active board, currently consisting of around 27 people.

We organize numerous events during every school year with the two biggest fund-raisers being the “Festival of Nations” in October and “Bingo” in February.

100 % of the proceeds from our fundraising goes to support the students in activities, which include

  • social
  • academic
  • sport
  • music
  • art
and other various activities throughout the school year, thereby enriching their curriculum.

SPA Updates

Seisen BINGO 2018!
Naomi Fujikawa

Festival of Nations

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Upcoming SPA Events


In addition, the SPA functions as a bond between the school and parents, and we are always in close contact with Ms. Rogers, Seisen’s School Head.


The SPA board meets every first Tuesday of each month to discuss the on-going and upcoming projects. Please find the 2013-2014 Parents' Association in the Who's Who listing in the Parents Section (password required), including the contact email addresses for the various board and committee members.


We always need the help of parents and guardians, either by being a board member or helping us with our numerous activities.

SPA Events Slideshow

If you are interested in getting more information about the SPA’s work and activities, as well as the different board positions, please contact John Duley ( the current President of the SPA.

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