Learning to Love, Loving to Learn


Seisen, a Catholic International School, educates world citizens to become men and women for others and with others, in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Seisen’s mission is to provide a safe environment in order to empower each student, through shared responsibility, creativity, and human interdependence, to develop their unique talents and to become competent and compassionate players in our global society, capable of empowering others and of bringing hope and peace to our ever-changing world.


As followers of Jesus Christ who, at the Last Supper took bread, broke it and said: “This is my Body, which will be given up for you, do this in memory of me”, we, at Seisen believe in a God who cares for and cherishes every single human being and invites us to do the same; to put love into action.

The Eucharist is the dynamic source of our identity and our energy as teachers/learners in the 21st century. It informs who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Our guiding principles are based on the tradition of learning and service handed down from St. Raphaela, the founding member of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We believe in educating the whole person in a warm and friendly environment in order to promote moral, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional development. We want to offer ample opportunities for our students to discover God’s love in their lives, to have a personal encounter with Christ, and to grow within a strong framework of Christian values.

As Catholics we also reverence the spiritual riches of every world religion and we reach out to all God’s people wherever they are.

We believe in communion. We are all Seisen: students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni. We are all partners in the education that Seisen offers and we know that effective partnership demands open, honest and regular communication.

We believe in our students. We have faith that each student can, with encouragement and guidance, be and do whatever it is that they want. They can all become global citizens and leaders, motivated and equipped to live in a fast-changing world and committed to making a difference just as St. Raphaela did in her day.

Guiding Principles

  • Educate women for social and cultural transformation
  • Nurture faith development
  • Shape international mindedness and celebrate international diversity
  • Side with the poor
  • Reach out to the world with hospitality and hope.
  • Act as leaven for worldwide community building
  • Reverence creation
  • Share all that we are and have


Elementary students share the Seisen International School Missions Statement and Guiding Principles in their own words.

Artwork by Amber

Mission Statement

Seisen is a Catholic International School.  We educate our students in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  We provide a safe, warm and challenging environment where students develop knowledge, skills, interests and talents and become caring members of a global society who reach out to others in friendship and hope.  Our students help to create a more peaceful world.

(5A & B)

Artwork by: Mao

We believe that educated girls can help create a better world


Artwork by Lynn

Our students are members of many different faith traditions.  We believe in respecting all within our Catholic school community


Artwork by Emma

Our students come from many different cultures and countries.  We believe in celebrating diversity and developing an openness, curiosity and appreciation of other peoples and cultures


Artwork by Lizuki

We believe in creating a better, more just and peaceful world through social justice


Artwork by Ryoko

We reach out to others in friendship and hope


Artwork by Cocomi

Seisen is a family, we build community in our classes, in our school and in our world


Artwork by Vidushi

We care for and respect our planet; its plants, animals and people

(1A & 1B)

Artwork by Elizabeth

We appreciate ourselves and others with their individual gifts and talents.  We share our gifts in service and in love


Artwork by Victoria