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Global Mindedness and Intercultural Competencies

The promotion of Global-mindedness at SIS is grounded in the teachings of Jesus Christ as embodied by the Catholic Church. Seisen International School enables Global-Mindedness through its mission and Learner Profile. Drawing upon our connection to the global network of intentional schools, and specifically those associated with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, SIS recognises its role as both a religious community enabling excellence in intentional education. 

SIS Mission Statement

Seisen, a Catholic International School, educates future world citizens to become men and women for others and with others, in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Seisen’s mission is to provide a safe environment in order to empower each student, through shared responsibility, creativity, and human interdependence, to develop their unique talents and to become competent and compassionate players in our global society, capable of empowering others and of bringing hope and peace to our troubled world.

SIS Definition of Global Mindedness and Intercultural Competencies:

Influenced by the principles of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and our school's mission, the development of Global Mindedness at Seisen International School, is considered a community shared responsibility, to promote concepts of human interdependence. It encourages the community to welcome and celebrate diversity, revere creation, participate in worldwide community building, and empower individuals to help bring peace to our ever-changing world.

SIS  Definition of Global Perspectives

Our curriculum, learning and teaching explicitly identify and address local and global issues. Through developing inquiry-based and reflective practices, we consistently seek to encourage students to understand our mission of promoting greater equity, justice and fairness in the world. We encourage students to apply their knowledge and skills to be active participants in making the world a better place. To this end we aim to:

Revere and reverence:

As SIS we revere and reverence the spiritual traditions of other faiths while simultaneously enabling students to develop their beliefs and/or faiths. We revere and reverence the spiritual traditions of Christianity, while encouraging students and staff of other faiths to keep their spiritual affinities. We aim to encourage the appreciation of different faiths through respectful dialogue.


At SIS we promote understanding, communication and collaboration amongst people of diverse faiths, religious and cultural backgrounds and nationalities, through the study and appreciation of multiple forms of knowledge from across the globe and by a commitment to developing our student's ability to be multilingual. 


At SIS we advocate for intercultural literacy through the encouragement given to students to speak many languages, either the ones that are explicitly taught in the curriculum (Japanese, French, Spanish and English), but also those that are spoken by students and staff of different nationalities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


At SIS we develop students’ knowledge, skills and dispositions to enable them  to serve the local and global community in a manner guided by empathy, ingenuity, hope and peace. 

Understand, embrace  and seek 

At SIS we understand, embrace and seek to empower equitable solutions to local and global issues of concern grounded in fair principles and a compassionate spirit.


At SIS we enable the empowerment of self and others to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.


At SIS all members of the community in their awareness, sensitivity and competencies so that they may model and serve as facilitators of a spirit of global mindedness and intercultural understanding.

Global-mindedness at Seisen International School

Dr. James M. Hatch

Alliance fo rinternational education

Born in Ireland and emigrated to Canada, Dr James M. Hatch has worked in education for over 30 years both within national and intentional schools. Before becoming a teacher, Dr Hatch worked for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada in the role as a policy analyst and developer.  

For his work on leading and writing Ontario Curriculum, he was recognised by the Bishops of Ontario for his contributions to Catholic education.

He is a regular presenter at international conferences on teacher development. He has contributed to teacher magazines, newspapers and had forthcoming articles on intentional schools and their enablement of global mindedness and intercultural competencies.

Aside from working at Seisen Intentional School, he is the Chair of the Alliance for Intentional Education Japan chapter. He has a keen interest in Japanese budo and its culture.

Activities so far:



  • Launch of the Global Mindedness and Intercultural Competencies Group with a mandate to deepen the living of SIS’s definition of Global Mindedness and Intercultural Competencies
  • Inaugural meeting with parents sound the SIS GMIC definition and exploring ‘what it means to be interculturally educated’
  • 2 in-house workshops on both the definition and considering how the definition may be enacted within each classroom
  • First-ever K-12 ‘Global Mindedness Day’ which focused on ‘single plastic’ use
  • Students, faculty and staff involved in this venture
  • Resulted in 
  • A new ‘green supportive’ fountain, in the cafeteria!
  • Sourcing and using recyclable whiteboard marker from the ‘19 - ’20 academic year



  • In-school workshop for teachers exploring personal bias and cultural blindspots
  • K-12 UN Mother Tongue Day
  • Focus on raising awareness of the need for our community to support mother tongue preservation and use
  • Developing an awareness that mother tongue forms part of our individual and community identities
  • 1920 SIS GMIC Mother Language Survey
  • SIS hosted the first meeting of the Alliance for International Education, Japan Chapter - attended by international schools and local universities
  • Fall 2020
  • A formal launch of a Global Mindedness and Intercultural Competencies coordinator K-12

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