A Catholic K-12 international school in Tokyo, preparing global leaders, critical thinkers and compassionate women for tomorrow.

  • Risk-Takers

    They have the courage to navigate new possibilites

  • Religious

    Seisen is a Catholic school that encourages students to develop their own beliefs

  • Global-minded

    They will become global citizens and leaders

  • Leaders

    They are expected to embody the guiding principles and values of Seisen

  • Principled

    They have a keen sense of respect for themselves and others

  • Compassionate

    They are caring, compassionate people, inspired by our spirit of "Love in Action"

  • Knowledgeable

    They seek out and explore concepts, ideas and issues

  • Reflective Inquirers

    They are passionate, conscious and active participants in their life-long learning paths

  • Collaborators

    They are a closely knit community who work, play and pray together