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Seisen is a Catholic school that encourages students to develop their own beliefs

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Provocations in the PYP

Provocations generally take place at the beginning of a unit of inquiry. Although sometimes there may be opportunities or needs to provoke students thinking throughout the unit of inquiry also. 

STEP UP For Mental Health

This year, TELL has designed an event from September 10th to October 10th to 'STEP UP' and make a noise about mental health and walk 20,169 steps to honour the 20,169 lives lost to suicide in Japan last year. 

Play within the PYP!

This week our PE teacher, Rachel Grantham, and PYP coordinator, Serrin Smyth, facilitated a workshop for Kindergarten and Grade 1 teachers which looked at the role of play within the PYP. 

A Catholic K-12 IB international school in Tokyo,

preparing global leaders; critical thinkers and compassionate women for tomorrow.

Seisen is an authorized  IB Diploma Program (DP) IB Middle Years Program (MYP) and Primary Years Program (PYP) School. 

From Setagaya to some of the best post secondary institutions in the world.