Personal Counseling

The school counselors strive to develop the whole student on her journey through Seisen. Our goal is to help students focus on academic, personal/social, and school/community development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. Working together as a team with the school nurse and the learning support facilitator, the counselors provide caring concern and practical support so that students can grow and thrive in the following areas:


Goals include: 

  • Learning how to learn
  • Gaining confidence in their abilities
  • Recognizing one's learning style
  • Being organized and developing time management skills
  • Communicating with teachers
  • Revising and taking tests 

Personal/Social Relationships

Goals include:

  • Making friends
  • Being empathetic and showing respect
  • Resolving interpersonal conflicts
  • Understanding group & family dynamics
  • Recognizing and preventing bullying
  • Becoming safe and responsible users of technology

School and Community Involvement

Goals include:

  • Recognizing a community/world issue of personal importance 
  • Contributing in some way to an important cause
  • Helping others in need
  • Joining others in making a change for the better
  • Taking on a leadership role


Ms. T. Carnright, K-7 Counselor
Ms. T. Carnright, K-6 Counselor
Ms. E. Henderson, 8-12 Counselor
Ms. E. Henderson, 7-12 Counselor