Posted: January 18, 2016

I love to learn, I love to teach and I enjoy realizing that the world is bigger than I thought it once was. Perhaps that is why I feel so at home in an international classroom, with confusion, with uncertainty, and with the complementary ambiguity of attempting more than we each thought was possible. Seisen allows students and teachers alike to dream, to look far, to err, and to refocus on who they want to become.

Students select their futures daily through the choices they make or abandon – who they want to become, what they choose to remember about their pasts, where they think they belong, and especially when they decide that their lives are their own. As an Academic Counselor, I try to help them to dabble their feet in possible futures, to wonder about possibilities, to ultimately choose their next steps and to then complete college application

There was a time when Seisen graduates either looked to the United States or stayed in Japan. Now less than half attend US universities; still nearly a quarter stay in Japan, but another quarter looks to Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Others apply to Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Australia, India and Malaysia.

Having taught in international schools along the Pacific Rim for the past 30 years, I appreciate the roles of cultural diversity, perspective and bilingualism present in Seisen – they are what fuel future goals. My two sons have passed through Seisen and St. Mary’s, and through the years of opportunity and challenge, I believe their futures are now the richer for it.

Last Updated: January 19, 2016

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