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Seisen Former Students' Association was established in August 2010 to unite all former students of Seisen.  Our key mission is to establish a global community of Seisen former students and provide a network for everyone to connect with each other, remain connected to Seisen, and keep updated on the school's current news and events.  Our association is 4,000 former students strong.  Ninety percent of our former students live outside Japan.  We work together from across the globe to strengthen our Seisen bond, spread Seisen spirit, and make our association as great as it can be. 

The officers of the Seisen Former Students' Association:

  • President Mary Chu (‘81)
  • Vice President Nozomi Shinoda ('76) 
  • Secretary Marie Gaardahl ('10)
  • Treasurer Kazue Yoshimura ('80)

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