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If you can not find the answers you need here please contact our Admissions team directly.


How many students are enrolled at Seisen?

There are approximately 650 students representing over 50 nationalities enrolled at Seisen.

Does Seisen accept boys?

Boys are accepted only into our Kindergarten program.
Seisen is an all-girls school from grade 1.

Does Seisen accept Japanese students?

Seisen admits Japanese students who have spent at least two years abroad in an English-speaking school system or in an international school without English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. There need to be objective reasons for placement in an international school rather than within the Japanese system of education.

What is the maximum class size at Seisen?

The maximum number of students per class is around 20 for Kindergarten- grade 1, and 25 for grades 2-12.


How long does the admissions process take?

Although the length of time for the admission process varies for each applicant, Seisen does require time to review the student’s application and supporting documents. Generally, this process takes one week.

When is the deadline for submitting the application documents?

We accept applications throughout the year.
Parents and prospective students are encouraged to visit our school.

Does my child need to have an interview?

The family interview is an important part of the admission process for both the parents and the school to determine if your child will succeed in our program, so it is a requirement.
After submitting all of the application documents, an interview will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Is there an entrance exam?

Seisen does require an entrance exam.

Placement tests in English and mathematics will be given to determine the assistance the child will require.

Are official transcripts required for the application?

Initially, we require a copy of report cards/progress reports for the last two years to be submitted with the application form. Application forms and copies of school records can be mailed to the school address or emailed to:

for kindergarten admission

for grades 1-12 admission.

What form is required for a health check?

Yes. A complete medical examination is required and must be submitted before the student can start school. Health forms can be downloaded from here.

How can I pay the fee to complete the application?


Application Fee (nonrefundable) is paid by:
(A) bank transfer to the bank account listed below (indicate your child's name and use the code APPF)
(B) with a U.S. dollar check made out to Seisen International School in the amount of $200.00 enclosed with the application form.

Receipts are issued and mailed upon payment.

Remit to:

Seisen International School

The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

Tamagawa branch

Ordinary account # 131-4076962

Swift Code: BOTKJPJT


How do the school and parents communicate?

Information is circulated among all sectors of the school via email, the Seisen website, the Seisen Newsletters, and the student newspaper, The Seisen Post.

PYP coffee mornings, Middle School Parents’ Morning, Information Session for Grade 6 Parents, Middle School Parents’ Information Meeting, Seisen Parents Association (SPA) luncheons, K-12 parent-teacher conferences, and elementary school student-led conferences take place throughout the school year and are scheduled events to provide further communication between parents and the school.

Our administration and teaching staff are always happy to meet with parents during the school year and meetings can be arranged by appointment. Student agenda books are also used for communication between parents and homeroom teachers.

How can parents be involved in the Seisen Parent's Association (SPA)?

All parents with children enrolled at Seisen are automatically SPA members. SPA always welcomes volunteers for their activities and events! The SPA can be contacted through the school’s website, by email at, or by attending their monthly meetings.


Where do Seisen graduates attend university?

100% of our graduates go on to higher education.
Many Seisen graduates go to study at Universities in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, as well as other countries around the world. Please see the matriculation list of colleges and universities where our recent graduates have been accepted to.

What does the Seisen curriculum offer?

Seisen offers the following curricula:

Kindergarten – Coeducational Montessori/IB PYP Method of Education

Elementary School – IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

High School – IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Does Seisen offer a Student Support Program?

We have counsellors, EAL teachers for elementary and high school students, learning support specialists, school nurses, a university advisor, PYP and IBDP coordinators.

Does Seisen offer a program for students with special needs?

Seisen can accommodate students who are at grade level in reading comprehension, writing and mathematics as determined by the placement tests and the student’s standardized test record. There are limited number of spaces in the EAL program for students who meet the qualifications for admission. Learning support is available for students who function well in the classroom but have some learning differences or attention issues.

Which school year does Seisen follow?

Seisen follows the North American school year which begins in late August and finishes in early June. The school calendar can be viewed here.


Does Seisen offer a hot lunch program?

Yes, a hot lunch is available to students in grades 1-12 from our catering company, Cezars Kitchen. Students do have the option of bringing a packed lunch from home. Contact Cezars directly to set up an account.

Microwaves and beverage vending machines are available in the school cafeteria.

To what areas does Seisen provide bus service?

The school operates 10 school buses. For security reasons we do not publish bus routes. The main areas covered are:

  • Roppongi
  • Kamiyacho/Aobadai
  • Shoto
  • Yotsuya
  • Shinagawa
  • Hiroo
  • Akasaka
  • Shirokane
  • Den En Chofu
  • Yoyogi Uehara
  • Kudan

Please contact the school for a copy of the school bus schedule.

Ms. Yukawa in the main office can assist with selecting the appropriate bus.


What is the Corporate Contribution plan?

Does Seisen have a financial aid program?

We have a limited program available for certain circumstances. Please contact the School Head for further information.

Can my child get a scholarship?

Scholarships may be granted to students whose parents are employed by companies that join this plan. Please contact the Accounting Office for further information. Otherwise, our scholarship program is very limited. Please contact the school for further information.

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