Life Drawing Master Class

Seisen International School had the pleasure to host a Life Drawing Master Class last Saturday afternoon. Fourteen students from various International Schools in Tokyo had the opportunity to refine their drawing skills working with DILARY SANCHEZ, professional dancer working and living in Mexico city. Dilary modelled for well known artists such as Pedro Diego Alvarado, son of Diego Rivera. The workshop was given by Amelie Lamy, art teacher at Seisen International School.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Team Firebird

Originating from our very own Seisen Big Science Day, the newly formed international experimental-science competitive team was formed to participate in international science competitions in many different categories. In teams of five, the students initiated their own projects in STEM fields, entering the CONRAD Innovation Challenge for the first time. And now, through the development of a phase-change-material based renewable energy heater, the team has reached the finals.

There are also other projects in the working; preliminary plans for a permanent NASA space settlement and plans to construct and maintain a local Seisen meteorological station. As the successes of the team piled up, we developed Team Firebird into a full academic club from this school year..

Team Firebird Videos

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