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Team Firebird

Originating from our very own Seisen Big Science Day, the newly formed international experimental-science competitive team was formed to participate in international science competitions in many different categories. In teams of five, the students initiated their own projects in STEM fields, entering the CONRAD Innovation Challenge for the first time. And now, through the development of a phase-change-material based renewable energy heater, the team has reached the finals.

There are also other projects in the works; preliminary plans for a permanent NASA space settlement and plans to construct and maintain a local Seisen meteorological station. As the successes of the team piled up, we developed Team Firebird into a full academic club from this school year..

Firebird 2016-17

This school year the Firebird Science Team became a fully academic club. The main goal of the Firebird Science Team is to give the opportunity to passionate and motivated students to pursue science to a higher level in a local and international environment.
Here are the Firebirds:
Grade 9: Amana Fujikawa and Fiona Pool
Grade 10: Nene Hamada, Yoon Ju Kim and Karyn Nakamura
Grade 11: Youkie Shiozawa, Mai Morita, Eunseo Sung, Yejie Lee, Yurim Ko, Amelie Steck, Ashley Doble, Momoko Katayama

2016 - 2017 PROJECTS

Conrad Innovation Challenge - an annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurial competition that brings together a dynamic community of innovators and entrepreneurs driving a collaborative movement to develop extraordinary and viable solutions to benefit our world in one of four areas: aerospace & aviation, cyber technology & security, energy & environment, and health & nutrition.

All three teams qualified for the Semi-finals

Firebird UMI - Nene Hamada (10), Yoon Ju Kim (10), Amana Fujikawa (9), Fiona Pool (9) - Energy & Environment
Firebird MEI - Youkie Shiozawa (11), Mai Morita (11), Eunseo Sung (11), Yurim Ko (11) - Health & Nutrition
Firebird SORA - Momoko Katayama (11), Ashley Doble (11), Yejie Lee (11) and Amelie Steck (11) Aerospace & Aviation

Firebird Mei - Health & Nutrition, and Firebird SORA - Aerospace & Aviation qualified for the final and they will attend the Conrad Innovation Summit at NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida between April 26-29, 2017.

Team Firebird Videos

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